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Bot's out of order

The bot's will return some day. They are having a break and a kitkat at the moment. :-)

Bots can make your Matrix live esier. Especially when you have a room with many users in it. Bots can observe the conversations and filter bad word or ban users for using such.

Bots auf

Name Description Version (INACTIVE) This is a mjolnir bot that can handle bad words, block users for bad behavior, etc. v1.6.4 (INACTIVE) A fun bot you can use in your chat.
It offers the following services (Append "help" to the command to get more information.):
  • !xkcd
  • !karma
  • !roll
  • !reminder
  • !poll
  • !translate
  • !tmdb

Bot request

If you like to use a bot that does not offer please feel free to tell us in the Support channel.