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Common information

Bridges are used to connect to other messanger services like Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. Any bridge bot you have invited into a channel reacts to the command "help". It returns a list of commands you can use to manage your connected account to the messanger service.

Bridge request

If you like to use a bridge that does not offer please feel free to tell us in the Support channel.

Third party service:

If you don't want to use the bridges you can invite the bots from is NOT responsible for any issues, privacy policies or service uptime of these third party services.

Inviting a bot

To invite a bot you have to create an unencrypted room. The bots on can only talk to you from an unencrypted room. When you have finished talking to a bot you can remove the messages manually to avoid leaking personal data, like usernames or password.

List of bots on

End-to-bridge encryption
No encryption supported by bridge

Bridge name Bot name e2be Description
Discord Establishing a connection to Discord is a bit tricky.
Click here for more information.
Facebook Login via:
Google Chat Login via: login
Google Messages Login via: login
LinkedIn Login via:
Instagram Login via:
Signal New number use: register
Existing number use: link
Slack How to use
Telegram Login via: login
Twitter Login via: login-cookie
Click here for more information.
Whatsapp Login via: login

Example help for WhatsApp bot

Command "help":

  • help - Prints this help
  • version - View the bridge version
  • login - Link the bridge to your WhatsApp account as a web client
  • logout - Unlink the bridge from your WhatsApp account
  • delete-session - Delete session information and disconnect from WhatsApp without sending a logout request
  • reconnect - Reconnect to WhatsApp
  • disconnect - Disconnect from WhatsApp (without logging out)
  • ping - Check your connection to WhatsApp.
  • set-relay - Relay messages in this room through your WhatsApp account.
  • unset-relay - Stop relaying messages in this room.
  • login-matrix - Replace your WhatsApp account's Matrix puppet with your real Matrix account.
  • ping-matrix - Check if your double puppet is working correctly.
  • logout-matrix - Switch your WhatsApp account's Matrix puppet back to the default one.
  • toggle - Toggle bridging of presence or read receipts
  • list [page] [items per page] - Get a list of all contacts and groups.
  • search - Search for contacts or groups.
  • sync [--create-portals] - Synchronize data from WhatsApp.
  • open - Open a group chat portal.
  • pm - Open a private chat with the given phone number.
  • invite-link [--reset] - Get an invite link to the current group chat, optionally regenerating the link and revoking the old link.
  • resolve-link - Resolve a WhatsApp group invite or business message link.
  • join - Join a group chat with an invite link.
  • create - Create a group chat.
  • set-pl [user ID] - Change the power level in a portal room. Only for bridge admins.
  • delete-portal - Delete the current portal. If the portal is used by other people, this is limited to bridge admins.
  • delete-all-portals - Delete all portals.

Inviting a bot, example WhatsApp

  1. Create a new unencrypted room
  2. Invite the WhatsApp bot (/invite
  3. RUn the command login to start the WhatsApp login process
  4. Scan the qr code that should be presented in the channel
  5. The connection should be established

If you face any problems you can find more information here.

Synchronize contacts, example WhatsApp

The connection to WhatsApp is managed by a bot. In order to achive a connection it has to store contact information like the display name and telephone number. will make everything possible to secure youre data of unrestricted access.

Private chat with a contact, example WhatsApp

To start a private chat with a WhatsApp contact you have to go to the room you have created with the WhatsApp bot. Run the command pm TELEFONE_NUMBER and a new chat window will open. The WhatsApp contact will be invited automatically. Keep in mind that this chat is unencrypted, too, due to limitations of the WhatsApp bot!

Bridging rooms

You can also bridge a Matrix room to a WhatsApp room to have a conversation to more than one person at a time. See the "create" command.