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The service can be used to send and receive https push notifications. If you don't want to use the common Google Push Service, you can use the domain and keep notifications in house.

Download the app NTFY (for Android and iOS) and configure the domain in the app settings.

After that you have to change the push service in the Element app. Open settings and navigate to notifications > notification method and select ntfy instead of Google Services.

Element automatically starts to set up a configuration in the NTFY app for you and all further push notifications will be routed through

Background activity

Since Android is very strict about battery consumption and tries to put every app to sleep mode, you need to configure the setting manually.

Unfortunately you have to configure the battery usage on Android devices for each app that uses the NTFY app and the Element app itself. Depending on the os version you can find this setting by holding the app icon and press the information icon in the top right corner. You will get into the app settings and find the battery menu in the middle of the page. Select the top option like not restricted.

I don't have an iPhone so you have to google it, sorry.

Running service versions

Service Module Version
docker-socket-proxy v0.1.1
matrix-beeper-linkedin v0.5.4
matrix-client-element vectorim/element-web v1.11.44
matrix-jitsi jitsi/web stable-8922
matrix-ma1sd ma1uta/ma1sd 2.5.0
matrix-mailer devture/exim-relay 4.96-r1-0
matrix-appservice-slack matrixdotorg/matrix-appservice-slack 2.1.2
matrix-mautrix-discord 0.6.2
matrix-mautrix-facebook v0.5.1
matrix-mautrix-googlechat v0.5.0
matrix-mautrix-gmessages Project
matrix-mautrix-instagram v0.3.1
matrix-mautrix-signal v0.4.3
matrix-mautrix-signal-daemon signald/signald 0.23.2
matrix-mautrix-telegram v0.14.2
matrix-mautrix-twitter v0.1.7
matrix-mautrix-whatsapp v0.10.2
matrix-nginx-proxy nginx 1.25.1-alpine
matrix-ntfy binwiederhier/ntfy v2.7.0-2
matrix-postgres postgres 15.3-alpine
matrix-redis redis 7.0.10-alpine
matrix-sliding-sync v0.99.8
matrix-synapse localhost/matrixdotorg/synapse v1.93.0
devture-traefik devture-traefik v2.10.4